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Conscious Salsa

Salsa Healing / Energy work and 5 Rhythms Conscious Movement Practice

Salsa can be a beautiful tool for a shift in awareness and healing potential – specially in the way we relate, it may be a revolutionary concept, but as we practice, something that can be experienced as sensitive, powerful, playful and uniquely effective.
Salsa ( hot sauce: Spanish) has many roots, amongst others: Flamenco, Cuban, Colombian, Peruvian Indian and African. It’s these diverse roots that provide the rich plants for the healing possibilities.


..... It’s about trust and consent, You really meet each other, the man’s leading but he’s not dragging or pushing the woman, he’s offering a feel, she senses it and goes with him. You’re in harmony and moving to each other’s rhythm, just following a feel“. Nicholas Evans - The Horse Wisperer.

The man is offering an invitation to the woman.... he says with body and his energy: ’I will give you a safe space / frame in which you can relax and fly, a commitment to be there and give support, the man leads, but the woman decides on the distance between them.


And also we start become conscious of our three basic energies:
1. Sexuality / sensuality, and our connection to the earth.
2. Our presence, passion and power.3. The ability to be in and move from the heart.


This work is for anybody and everybody, however old or young, even for those with little or no dance / movement experience, especially welcome are the people who believe or think that they will never ever be able to learn Salsa!